International Youth leader focus (IYOULFOC) has been committed to making a different in the lives of youth all throughout the indonesia area. As the youth organization, we provide an opportunity to reach their fullest potential through our wide range of services and activities. We offer them the support they need in order to ensure they grow, learn, and thrive within their community. We believe that indonesian young generation who have enough in leadership, rich of experience, and willing to learn softskills can provide progress and be agent of change for the country.


We have so much to offer to the world we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come. At International Youth Leader Focus, We are here to give them the support they need in order to shape them into leaders of the future. We have a number of programs such as Volunteering Trip and Fundraising Opp, Cultural Exchange, Teaching, Student Exchange, Campus Visit, Conferences, and Leadership Initiatives that help nurture our youth and help them develop the skills they will carry throughout their lives. Join today, and see how you can make an impact!