Who Can Apply?


  1. Citizen of Indonesia is aged 17 to 30 years old
  2. Students/ Professional
  3. Physically and mentally healthty
  4. High social minded, Interested in education and cultural exchange, committed to advancing the nation in the field
  5. Creative, have a high spirit, and able to work with teams
  6. Have an Indonesian Passport valid for up to 6 months before departur
  7. Willing to follow the activities from beginning to the end
  8. Behave, have character, and have good communication skill.

Being an entrepreneur even in a Foreign Country

A fact where Taiwan is one of the destinations of Indonesian citizens who choose to work and seek their fortune. More than 270,000 Indonesians work in Taiwan, also known as migrant workers. This is certainly a challenge for Indonesia with the unavailability of definite jobs in our country. Causing them to choose to work out of Indonesia because the offer and income are considered more profitable.

Away from family and not...


Cultural exchange

Access to education and knowledge is a basic right for everyone. This resulted in more than 12,000 Indonesian students currently studying in Taiwan scattered in various universities and concentrating majors their taken. Realizing broad access, quality of learning, realizing preservation, promoting culture, and developing Indonesian youth is a vision that the Indonesian wants to achieve.

Developing tourism based on local character, nature, and special interests that are insightful, sustainable, and participating...