Being an entrepreneur even in a Foreign Country 5Jan

Being an entrepreneur even in a Foreign Country

A fact where Taiwan is one of the destinations of Indonesian citizens who choose to work and seek their fortune. More than 270,000 Indonesians work in Taiwan, also known as migrant workers. This is certainly a challenge for Indonesia with the unavailability of definite jobs in our country. Causing them to choose to work out of Indonesia because the offer and income are considered more profitable.

Away from family and not having the opportunity to return to Indonesia as they wish because of the consequences of working in the industry, they have to bet for survival, including the ability to manage income and make all of their hard work become a bigger thing. This is where we come to share the enthusiasm, motivation, and stories of Indonesia's experience and current situation in terms of managing and building an entrepreneurship spirit so that their hard work pays off and is not just wasted.

In this case, building the character of human resources and developing an entrepreneurial spirit, we will provide migrant workers with activities that will be packaged in the form of talkshows and discussions with the theme "Being an entrepreneur even in a Foreign Country". This kind of activity is in line with the mission of our volunteers. IYOULFOC participants will share with our migrant worker brothers and do motivational and inspiring activities.

Being one of the countries that has bilateral relations in trade, Taiwan is the 11th country to become Indonesia's import and export partner. In 2017, the total value of trade between Indonesia and Taiwan reached USD 8 billion. This big thing is a place for Indonesian youth to learn and know and get information about trade policies and systems of Indonesia-Taiwan cooperation.

The visit in the form of learning will be carried out in realizing character building and the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship of Indonesian youth in Indonesia Economics and Trade Office to Taipei.