Cultural exchange 3Jan

Cultural exchange

Access to education and knowledge is a basic right for everyone. This resulted in more than 12,000 Indonesian students currently studying in Taiwan scattered in various universities and concentrating majors their taken. Realizing broad access, quality of learning, realizing preservation, promoting culture, and developing Indonesian youth is a vision that the Indonesian wants to achieve.

Developing tourism based on local character, nature, and special interests that are insightful, sustainable, and participating in community empowerment, are goals that are in line with the vision of advanced Indonesia.

In strengthening friendship and tolerance between young people both in Indonesia and between countries requires a container of activities that can broaden their perspective of the world. Increasing their enthusiasm in establishing cooperation and skills internationally. Growing young people who are able to train their leadership in various fields in a globalized society and able to contribute to society, especially youth development.

This activity participants of IYOULFOC will be involved in learning opportunities, asking questions, and discussing about education programs in Taiwan. What kind of struggle do Indonesian students in Taiwan face. What vision do they want to achieve after studying in Taiwan, as well as what they have gained while studying in Taiwan. Gathering with the Indonesian students association in Taiwan, then can explore one of the universities such as Tunghai University as an experience that they cannot get easily.