IYOULFOC volunteer participants will provide motivation, inspiration, and teach Indonesian culture that can enhance their nationalism even though it is far from their own country.


Realizing broad acces, quality of learning, realizing preservation, promoting culture, and developing Indonesian youth is a vision that the Indonesian wants to achieve. In strengthening friendship and tolerance between young people both in Indonesia and between countries requires a container of activities that can broaden their perspective of the world. Increasing their enthusiasm in establishing cooperation and skill internationally. Growing young people who are able to train their leadership in various fields in a globalized society and able to contribute to society, especially youth development.

The participants of IYOULFOC will be involved in learning opportunities, asking questions, and discussing about education programs in other country. What kind of struggle do abroad students face. What vision do they want to achieve after studying in other country, as well as what they have gained while studying in other country. Gathering with the Indonesian students association and explore universities as an experience that they cannot get easily.


In addition to being directly involved in providing knowledge to Indonesian migrant workers residing in other country, the volunteers will provide workshops in entrepreneurship as well as Indonesian art performance activities, bearing in mind that they are far from Indonesia aiming to remind and anhance the nationalsm of Indonesian citizens abroad. The aim to be achieved is so that every volunteer has sensitivity about their role and capacity for the nation.

In addition to workshop programs, health programs are valuable assets that a person must have. Dental and oral health records (odontogram), contained in RI law No. 269 of 2008 that required to make an odontogram as a health record that can function as a database of Indonesian public health. Performed by Dental professionals who will carry out examinations, it is hoped that in keeping community dental records as their right in the future judicial process if needed. Besides that, knowledge about sex and reproduction health is also given in order to increase people's insight into self-awareness.